• We are your friends that have strong computer knowledge & skill, With over 19 years in PC assembly & technical expertise, we are glad to help you find and design your own dream computer with our wide range of products & services, and low prices.
  • We figure out the right components for your computers, and you don't have to worry about buying wrong parts or compatibility issues. Any configuration submitted to us will be carefully reviewed, and a salesperson will contact you.
  • Feel free to call us for any kind of questions. In our point of view, there are no such things as stupid questions. No purchase is necessary to get help. We are always happy to give you useful advice.
  • We'd like to eliminate compatibility or manufacturing defective issues, and we test parts as you request before we ship them to you.
  • As friends of yours, we do the dirty work for you, and that's what makes us different!

You can email us at sales@gcworkshop.com or make an online request
Tel: 678-534-3538 (10AM~5PM EST, Mon~Fri)